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Enhance your client experience with IAS

Most financial advisers have become very effective salespeople and relationship managers. Given the demands of growing a relationship business, successful entrepreneurs recognize that they might not be optimal asset managers. In general, FAs have a deeper understanding of their client relationships than they do of their client portfolios. It is a testament to two things: FAs need and want help managing client assets, and clients value likability and trust. The relationship is paramount. It is a people business above all.

The world's most successful financial planners, CPAs and investment advisers have learned how to delegate key functions of the middle-and-back-office (MBO): clearing, custody, record-keeping, billing, compliance, etc. But what about asset management? 


Financial professionals have begun to acknowledge that in this commoditized, fee-pressured world in which we live, they need to present clients with more unique, customized investment solutions -or risk losing business. In addition, virtually all professional advisers know the pain and cost of relying on less experienced asset managers or junior employees, often watching a portion of client assets depart with them.

Do what other smart advisers are doing. Focus on your core strengths of estate/tax planning, financial planning, asset gathering, and relationship management, and let IAS support you with unique asset management solutions within your comprehensive wealth management platforms. 

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